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  1. dear 1 (dîr) adj. dear·er, dear·est 1. a. Loved and cherished: my dearest friend. b. Greatly valued; precious: lost everything dear to them. 2. Highly esteemed or regarded. Used in direct address, especially in salutations: Dear Lee Dawson. 3. a. High-priced; expensive. b. Charging high prices. 4. Earnest; ardent: "This good man was a dear lover and.
  2. Another word for dearest. Find more ways to say dearest, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
  3. dearest definition: 1. used when writing to someone you love: 2. used when writing or speaking to someone you love. Learn more.
  4. Parents highly recommend Dearest programs and digital concierge to their friends. Real Estate Amenity The ultimate family amenity. Attract and retain tenants by solving the biggest problem urban parents face. Property Partners. Our product Modern childcare to .
  5. 46 rows · Dearest is a Chinese-language film directed by Peter Chan on kidnapping in Directed by: Peter Chan.
  6. (used in the salutation of a letter as an expression of affection or respect or as a conventional greeting): Dear Sir.
  7. drea·ry (drîr′ē) adj. drea·ri·er, drea·ri·est 1. Dismal; bleak. 2. Boring; dull: dreary tasks. [Middle English dreri, bloody, frightened, sad, from Old English drēorig, bloody, sad, from drēor, gore; see dhreu- in Indo-European roots.] drea′ri·ly adv. drea′ri·ness n. dreary (ˈdrɪərɪ) adj, drearier or dreariest 1. sad or dull; dismal.
  8. My Dearest is an Australian fashion label featuring trendy yet timeless wardrobe staples from cute tops to beautiful dresses and accessories. Free shipping available worldwide.

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